Welcome to Heddon Publishing

Established in 2012, Heddon Publishing was founded by independent author Katharine E. Smith. Initially, Heddon was a small publishing house, focused on taking a manuscript all the way through the publishing lifecycle, through the various stages of editing, formatting and proofreading, and cover design, to the final stage of releasing a title into the world.

As the world of independent publishing has changed, Heddon has grown alongside it, with a focus on what indie authors want and need. These days, we aim to work more alongside authors to help them develop their work to the point where they can publish it themselves, using their own imprint. This might mean editing, formatting, or proofreading. It could be that an author needs help setting up accounts with print and distribution companies like Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or Ingram Spark, and managing the process of uploading files, generating cover templates and print proofs, etc.

Alliance of Independent Authors

We can work with you to do this on your behalf, or in an advisory role, to talk you through the process, share all the tips we have learned in over ten years of publishing experience, and answer any questions which might arise along the way.

The benefits of an author having full control of their work, having direct access to tools like Amazon Ads, and receiving their royalties, in full, and direct to their own bank account, suggest that this is a sensible option for most. Once your book is published, this is just the beginning, particularly if your motivation is to begin to earn a living from your books. We can help get your book in the best possible shape but to get it in front of readers, you will need to be prepared to market and sell your book(s) and yourself. However, we always aim to be flexible, and provide exactly what each individual author requires, so please feel free to contact us and discuss what you are looking for.