It’s a cliche, and a well-known saying: Never judge a book by its cover. But of course people often do. If you are a fan of a particular genre, you may notice trends in cover design – big bold, plain capitals for a crime book; a woman with a big hat looking at a view for a romance. You may want to buck the trend, or you may want to join in, so that potential readers are immediately familiar, and know what to expect. It can be tempting to take a DIY approach to cover design but unless this is something you already have experience with, it is worth considering a professional cover designer.

At Heddon, we have a range of covers – some created by the author, some where the author has provided artwork to be made into a cover, and some where a completely original cover has been designed and created by an outside designer. While it is absolutely the author’s decision as to the nature, content and designer (tying in with our ethos that the books we publish are the author’s, not ours), many of the covers you will see are the work of Catherine Clarke Design. Catherine is a very versatile artist and is also lovely to work with. Here is a little from Catherine herself:

My name’s Catherine from and I’ve had the joy of working on many of Heddon Publishing’s client’s book covers. With over 15 years experience in graphic design, the last 8 years in book cover design, I master composition, colour, visual storytelling and typography. I can work with photographic imagery, artwork clients provide or I can create an original illustration. Which brings me to children’s books – if too you are looking for an illustrator I’d love to work with you. Click here to see some examples of my work.

Whatever stage you’re at in writing your book, it’s wise to schedule in a designer to allow time for ideas to emerge and any amendments to proofs. Simply get in touch with your query. I hope to hear from you!